KazBuild fair in Kazakhstan 2021

On September 7-9 2021 we will be one of the participants of the KazBuild construction fair, which will take place in Kazakhstan.

It will be another international event where we intend to show the entire range of our tools, both from the Instar base line and dedicated to professionals under the TytanX brand.

We are constantly trying to expand our sales markets, trying to make our tools meet even the most demanding expectations.

We invite everyone to visit our stand and contact us directly.


Rebranding of the TYTAN line for professionals

After many months of preparations, we can finally announce it - the Tytan line for professionals has a new logo and name - TYTANX!

From now on, we will use the new visualization in all news channels, the tools will get new labels.

We are getting back to further hard work to surprise you more than once, because the second half of the year is just the beginning of changes. We encourage you to follow us on a regular basis!


Participation in the construction fair "The Big 5 Construct Egypt"

On June 25-28, 2021, our company had the pleasure to take part in the construction fair "The Big 5 Construct Egypt", which took place in Egypt.

We spent four intense days promoting our products, both from the basic line (Instar) and the one for professionals (Tytan), which aroused considerable interest among the visitors.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand. We attach a short photo report and encourage all potentially interested people to contact us directly.


The Big 5 Construct Egypt

At the end of June, our company intends to take part in the construction fair "The Big 5 Construct Egypt", which will be held in Egypt. We will show our products from the line for professionals "Tytan" and our flagship products, which enjoy constant interest under the Instar brand. The preparations are in full swing!

We will post a report from the event itself after our return. Wish us good luck.

Link to the event: https://www.thebig5constructegypt.com/