Next step of the investment

Our new warehouse and production hall is equipped with brand new racks.

Thanks to them, we increase the space for the entire assortment and consequently we increase the number of produced tools!


The investment is comming to an end!

Our new warehouse and production hall has already been equiped with new injection mould machines.

We invite you to see the pictures presenting this project.


About us in the media!

They write about us again!

We encourage you to read the article on the portal There you may find a statement from one of Instar's co-owners - Mr Marek Czamara, who tells you about the history of the creation of the company and the current image of Instar, a company from Limanowa with global potential.


The 25th anniversary of INSTAR

We would like to thank all our employees for their participation in the 25th anniversary of INSTAR, which took place on 25th of May 2019 in Limanowa. This day was a special occasion for memories, summaries of the past time, achievements and successes. It was also a time to express appreciation and thanks to our employees for their commitment, perseverance and the work they put into the development of our company.

Thank you once again for all your congratulations and heartfelt wishes. We express our hope for further cooperation with you, as well as common celebration of successive, and equally successful jubilees in the future.